Carbon-neutral ecosystem NFT issuance and distribution scheme

The total number of NFTs issued in the carbon neutral ecosystem is 21,000, of which 18,800 are R-rated, 2,000 are SR-rated, and 200 are SSR-rated. After all are released, R-level can be minted with carbon neutral ecosystem token-C coin, SR-level and SSR-level cannot be minted.

Fair sale: 20,000 pieces, including 18,020 pieces of R grade, 1,800 pieces of SR grade, and 180 pieces of SSR grade.

Project reservation: 1,000 sheets, of which 780 are R-rated, 200 are SR-rated, and 20 are SSR-rated.

The reserved part of the project will be used for the development and maintenance of carbon-neutral ecosystems and rewards to community volunteers with outstanding contributions.


碳中和生态系统NFT发行总量21000张,其中R级18800张,SR级2000张,SSR级200张。 全部释放完毕后R级可以用碳中和生态系统代币-C币铸造,SR级和SSR级不可铸造。